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Mar 06, 08 German New Medicine

Almost three years ago on March 12-14, 2005, I attended Gary Craig’s “Mastering EFT” 3-day workshop in Southern California. The workshop dealt with using EFT with people with serious issues or illnesses. This included Multiple System Atrophy, Neuropathy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, spinal problems and other illnesses. The purpose was to aim EFT at the emotional causes of serious diseases. At the workshop, Lars Mygind, from Denmark mentioned Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and his research on emotions and cancer. The story of Dr. Hamer and German New Medicine is quite fascinating because it correlates to EFT and how unresolved emotional issues contribute to physical and health problems.

From research on 40,000 cases, Dr. Hamer concluded that cancer is caused by an unexpected emotional conflict or shock that catches us completely off guard. Examples include betrayal, separation, divorce, abandonment or loss. Healing can only occur after the conflict is resolved. Dr. Hamer’s “German New Medicine” focuses on identifying and resolving the original shock.

Here are some resources for finding out about Dr. Hamer, German New Medicine, and how the psyche affects the body. The radio interview and videos are well worth listening to and viewing.

Whether or not you believe Dr. Hamer’s information on German New Medicine, the more knowledge you have on traditional and alternative treatments, the more choices you have for staying in good health. Our health is in our hands. It’s the personal responsibility of each of us to be as informed and open to all wellness possibilities as we choose.


  1. M. Buscemi /

    My comment:

    This Germanic New Medicine ® invented by the barred former german physician Ryke Geerd Hamer simply doesn’t work. At least 160 cancer-patients are known who died after a GNM-treatment. And he never published in a scientific journal. He never presented any cancer-patient cured. Hamer was several years in prison and lives now in exile in norway as german authorities have issued an arrest warrant for incitement of hatred against a minority of the population, because Hamer is also known as an antisemitic person. He showed his hatred against jews in many open letters.

    Details about hin and his method can be seen here:


  2. Lou /

    Amazing – thousands of people die yearly after intensive cancer treatment and no one questions whats wrong with this approach.

    Thankfully people are moving into a more conscious/responsible mode for handling illness whether its cancer or a migraine. We need to take our power back.

  3. I no longer pay much attention to people that knock down Hamer’s discoveries. They speak from either sheer ignorance or are paid lackeys for big pharm. In either case they are not qualified to speak on such matters.

    Nearly every disease from arthritis to cancer have unknown causes. Science understands the physiology of these conditions down to the molecule. Why don’t they give up and start looking elsewhere?

    I personally have helped people overcome many conditions that are considered incurable. Combining EFT with Hamer’s discoveries is very effective.

    However never, ever, use EFT in dealing with territorial loss conflicts, you could provoke a heart attack. There are a few other conflicts that EFT should not be used with as the shock of a sudden resolution could be dangerous.

  4. Susanne /

    Stephen ..interesting. I also do EFT and is only now learning about GNM. Is there a way to get in contact with you?

  5. Thanks for the article Ron, Dr Hamer’s concept of the “conflict shock” is very similar to what Dr Robert Scaer calls dis-eases of the “freeze response”, both seem to cause immobility and a sense of being helpless/powerless. Peter Levine has also done brilliant work in this area. The conflict shock seems to me to be the same as the freeze response, which varies in its severity and where it occurs in the body. It all makes a lot of sense. It’s great to see all this great work being done for all our health.


  6. Natalia Toporkova /

    No se puede negar que la Nueva Medicina Germánica funciona, que los judios están contra el Doctor Hamer, es muy buena señal, la usan esta Nueva Medicina para sus seres queridos en los momentos criticos clandestinamente pero para la Mayoria de la poblacion recomiendan la radio y la quimioterapia como unicas alternativas para los pacientes de las enfermedades graves, sin dejar de percibir exceletes ganancias de las terapias “tradicionales” y los indices fatales de los efectos secundarios de las terapias tradicionales están muy bien defendidos y respaldados sin correr ni un mínimo riesgo de los reclamos.

  7. My feelings are the best hope lies in The New Medicine. I have been mentoring with Ilsedora Laker in Toronto for a couple of years now. Dr. Hamer has basically rediscovered what are natural laws – what we know of as disease is in essence a meaningful, biological, survival program running. Nature is not faulty and never goes haywire as we previously thought. Despite how difficult it may seem at the beginning to accept (it was for me as well) these biological programs are in fact laws. If you are an EFT or other practitioner – you will need to be well educated in The New Medicine as there are a number of conflicts that should not be resolved. GNM is not a casual undertaking. There is great responsibility that comes with it. If you need a GNM practitioner or teacher – Ilsedora Laker is the person I would recommend (she’s an angel.)

    Her email is

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