Financial Storm

Mar 18, 08 Financial Storm

There continues to be mounting economic uncertainty. We’re experiencing the sub prime mortgage crisis and the housing market downturn. There’s been talk about whether we’re in a recession or not. The U.S. stock market is volatile swinging up and down almost daily. The Federal Reserve is working to keep things in check. Things are happening that we’ve never experienced. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, the more we focus on fears of a recession and financial storm, the more we’ll attract it. We’ll magnetize a fear and lack vibration. What can you do? Here are some things that may help.

Although, you can’t control outside conditions, you can control how you respond to and feel about them. Instead of reacting with fear, trepidation or panic, choose to keep a pulse on things, take wise actions and avoid emotional distress. Be conscious of your inside conditions and use tools like EFT to release any negative emotions.

I recommend starting with Tap Talk Radio with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes on How Do I Stop Worrying? And, use EFT to address whatever you’re feeling. Create your own setup phrases based on specifically what you’re feeling. For example:

Even though I’m worried about financial events, I choose to remain calm in my actions.

Even though I’m afraid of what might happen, I choose to feel comfortable in trusting myself to know what to do.

Even though I’m afraid of what might happen to my finances, I choose to feel and know I’ll be all right.

Even though I’m afraid of what might happen to my money, I choose to focus on all of the other areas of abundance in my life.

Everything is interconnected and woven together. Any change in the financial markets in America ripples into international markets. A downturn in the housing industry not only affects builders, roofers, electricians and plumbers, but car dealers, retailers and restaurants. One of the things about financial turmoil is that it makes us conscious of how interdependent we are worldwide.

The more calm and centered you stay, the more you help everyone else. And you have EFT to assist you in doing so.

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