Rod Sherwin & Tap4Health

Apr 25, 08 Rod Sherwin & Tap4Health

At least once a week, I receive an e-mail from an EFT practitioner who has put up a new Website or blog and wants to add an EFTzone link to their site. I tell them to contact me six months from now. Ninety percent of the time, their Website is gone. Or their blog has three or four posts. Or the last post was back in 2006. The sites and blogs fizzle and go kaput. A real exception is Rod Sherwin in Melbourne, Australia. Rod has a Website, Tap4Health. Here you’ll find his EFT Tapping Points Guide plus other EFT Resources. Also, check out his Tap4Health blog.

I particularly like reading his blog because he has original content, plus he’s candid. For example, read his post — How would you know things were getting better? He talks about asking your brain the right questions. Rod has been writing about EFT for nearly two years now so you’ll find gems of information in his Tap4Health Newsletter Archive. He clearly has passion and commitment for helping the world know more about EFT and the wondrous results it can produce. Here’s to you, Rod Sherwin!

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