Shining the Spotlight on Dawson Church

May 16, 08 Shining the Spotlight on Dawson Church

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Are you interested in EFT and other energy healing methods, but want to know the science behind it? Look no further. Meet Dawson Church. Just don’t try to label him because he has multiple abilities. First, he’s an author. In fact, he’s authored or edited over 200 books in the fields of health, psychology and...

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Radiant Woman

May 10, 08 Radiant Woman

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There are many good ways to learn EFT. My favorite way is watching Gary Craig’s videos. They offer in-depth learning. They’re convenient. You can study at your own pace. There are also classes, seminars and products offered by EFT Masters and others. These are great ways to dive into EFT if you want to be a...

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