Is It Safe?

Jun 30, 08 Is It Safe?

In doing EFT you might get nice changes going from a 10 to a two or one, but not get to a zero. When this happens, very often I ask the question, “What prevents you from getting to a zero,” or “Would you be willing to go to a zero if you knew it was safe to make that change?” If the answer is yes, it’s a matter of rephrasing the setup statement to include a safety wording such as, “Even though I feel [whatever the issue is], I choose to get to a zero knowing I will feel safe and secure. If the answer is no, play with discovering what the resistance is. You might ask, “What would it take for you to know that it was safe to change?”

I recommend reading EFT Master Practitioner, Carol Look’s excellent 3-part article, Is It Safe to Change? Safety even comes into play when dieting. You can do pay attention to all of the calories, carbohydrates and low fat dieting you want, but if you have an unconscious resistance to losing weight, you’ll either get temporary relief or switch from one diet to another.

Use your intuition, be creative and open to whatever issues bubble up around feeling safe to change. Even though these feeling may feel unpleasant when they emerge, be thankful you have a tool like EFT to erase these limiting beliefs and feelings in the here and now.

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