FREE Brad Yates Videos

Aug 19, 08 FREE Brad Yates Videos

Posted by in Health & Living

Do you know Brad Yates? He’s a well-respected EFT practitioner in Northern California. You can get to know more about Brad from our EFTzone Spotlight. I first met Brad back in March of 2005 when I was attending one of Gary Craig’s EFT workshops. Brad has a gentle way of doing EFT and he’s got a great sense of...

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Child Won’t Go to Sleep?

Aug 04, 08 Child Won’t Go to Sleep?

Posted by in Family & Relationships

Recently, a friend of ours was taking care of her two grandsons, aged three and eighteen months. The youngest child had difficulty settling in and going to sleep. My friend used EFT to help her grandson fall sleep. The first night it took five minutes of tapping. The second night two minutes, and the third night only 30 seconds....

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