Child Won’t Go to Sleep?

Aug 04, 08 Child Won’t Go to Sleep?

Recently, a friend of ours was taking care of her two grandsons, aged three and eighteen months. The youngest child had difficulty settling in and going to sleep. My friend used EFT to help her grandson fall sleep. The first night it took five minutes of tapping. The second night two minutes, and the third night only 30 seconds. After being successful at it, the next night her husband tried it. It didn’t work. Why not?

Because before my friend walked into the room to do tapping with her grandchild, she did EFT on herself to make sure she was calm and relaxed. She wasn’t trying to put her grandchild to sleep. She was just being in the moment tapping away and allowing it to happen. Her husband wanted to “make” his grandson go to sleep.

I like what Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, says — “It’s all about the energy.” Dogs can sense your energy or vibration and so can children. The key is to be calm and assertive. A child won’t fall asleep if there’s uptight, tense energy in the room. So the first step is to calm and center yourself using techniques like EFT and slow, conscious breathing. Here’s how my friend acted as a catalyst to help her grandson fall asleep.

First, she quietly walked into the room where the child was standing up in the crib. She eased him down on his back, smiled at him and without saying a word started gently tapping on the EFT points, beginning with the top of the head and tapping on the face, torso and finger points. She kept doing rounds of tapping continuing to smile as she did. As she tapped on the head, she would stop and check if the child had fallen asleep. If not, she would continue tapping until her grandson looked like he had fallen asleep. Then slowly she would take one step backwards out of the room and stop. She did this quietly step by step.

If you have a child that has difficulty going to sleep at night, try this method and modify it to discover what works best for you. Remember, the first step is being calm yourself.


  1. siby samuel /

    I do this to my friend at work.

  2. Leo Blommestijn /

    My daughter can be scared of going to sleep with her fantasy witches in her room. With EFT tapping she tends to let go of disturbing fantasy and fall asleep more easily.

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