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Aug 19, 08 FREE Brad Yates Videos

Do you know Brad Yates? He’s a well-respected EFT practitioner in Northern California. You can get to know more about Brad from our EFTzone Spotlight. I first met Brad back in March of 2005 when I was attending one of Gary Craig’s EFT workshops. Brad has a gentle way of doing EFT and he’s got a great sense of humor. Brad did a Tap o’ the Mornin’ video on YouTube a ways back. Now he’s got a few more videos you’ll enjoy. Tap along with Brad Yates.

Are you worried about money and the economy? Then tap into Clear the Economic Fear.

How do you get your emotions in a positive state to achieve your goals? Check out Tapping into Goals.

Brad and Joe Vitale have done some projects together. Here’s how Brad combines EFT and the Hawaiian Huna process of Ho’oponopono which means “make right.” View EFT & Ho’oponopono.

Here’s Brad’s original way to kick start your morning using EFT, Tap O’ the Mornin’.

Plus, now you have one for the evening too, Tap O’ The Evenin’.

Vision Boards are popular for helping people focus on what they want to create in their lives. Brad has put together a Website for a tool that he calls the Success Thermostat. Here’s how he explains it.

In your home, you set your thermostat for the temperature you consider to be the most comfortable. Your home’s temperature control system then uses the heater and air conditioner to automatically create the environment you have programmed.

You are doing basically the same thing with the Success-Thermostat. You set the goal you choose to be comfortable with, and your internal system goes about making it happen. Having it visible subliminally makes it part of your habitual thinking.

You can create your own Success Thermostat FREE. In fact, you can make several and put them in different rooms.


  1. Barry Jenkins /

    Hi Brad,

    I have used 10 or so of your tapping videos on YouTube, they helped me a lot. Your way of demonstrating them is very easy to follow and understand. I noticed that you have referred to the Spiritual aspects sometimes, so I have a question for you. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and if you do, how do you reconcile the teachings in the Bible with EFT?

    I am 57 years old and I am a mature Christian business man, and I open to different concepts, (Teachable) but I balance, filter things through God’s word. I have listened to Kevin Trudeau’s teachings on the Law of Attraction, and over 5 months and have used the Bible to filter his teachings through God’s perspective always writing my thoughts in a journal. God calls the Law of Attraction “Sewing and Reaping” He is the “Universe” and He created all things, even our bodies. My greatest desire is to see and love people as Jesus does.

    I have also listed to Napoleon Hill and believe that he is closer to the biblical view. My Labor of Love can be found in Isaiah chapter 58, a “True Fast”. I also believe that it is possible for a person to gain the whole world, but loose his own soul in the end. I would appreciate your thoughts on what I have shared with you. Thanks so much.

    Barry Jenkins

  2. omar /

    I will like to thank Brad for his inteligent and humorous eft tap along.more especially,in my openion,he is the most generous
    guy in the eft world.he is also the man that inspires me the most.we need more guys of this nature, and surely the world is gonna be a better blessed all.
    Omar auwal-bruxelles,the kindom of Belgium.

  3. This is the first time I have heard of this. What comes to my mind……..and yes, it IS resistance………….is that in the Christian world, we refer to this as ” Name it and Claim it “…………..with all of the tapping ! You know…….I am rich. I want a Mercedes. In the name of Jesus, I CLAIM a Cadillac. I would appreciate someone telling me what the difference is, please.

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