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Sep 15, 08 Popular Past Posts

The most popular posts on the EFTzone are our Shining the Spotlight audios and our Learn EFT section. Since there are so many posts from the past to read through, people often miss some of our post popular ones. We put together a list of 10 of the favorites. Here they are. First you’ll see a title with a link to the full post. Under each one is a summary. We’ll start you off laughing. This is guaranteed to crack a smile.

10 Favorites

Laughter is the Best Elixir
It’s time to get serious about laughter, especially when it comes to your health. A good belly laugh can help keep the doctor away. Laughter is a spontaneous way of releasing emotions. There’s an inner relief. When you laugh, you feel lighter and naturally relaxed. Here’s the problem. According to Discovery Health, when a child gets to nursery school, he or she laughs about 300 times a day. In contrast, adults laugh an average of 17 times a day. Adults need to kick up their laugh meter.

Just Say No to Drugs
The United States government spends over $180 million on anti-drug ads. Remember the phrase made popular in the eighties, “Just say no” to drugs? It referred to illegal drugs. The problem? How could teenagers and young people buy into the idea when they saw adults, including their parents and grandparents, taking so many over the counter and prescription drugs? I would amend the slogan to, “Just say no to drugs … unless they’re prescribed or on television.”

Combining EFT & “Afformations”
Although most of the time we’re doing it subconsciously, internally we ask a lot of questions. Our minds are like search engines. Ask a question and our minds automatically search for information to provide an answer. Ask positive questions and we’ll get positive answers. Conversely, negative questions beget negative answers. The trick is in asking positive questions consciously. Asking “directed questions” can be more powerful and beneficial than affirming desired results using affirmations. Here’s why.

Oxygen Eyes
Did you know that your eyes are oxygen processors and need a lot of oxygen to stay healthy and comfortable? As you age, particularly between 35 and 50, you need more energy to focus your eyes for reading. And, contrary to making people more productive, computers may do just the opposite. Computer vision stress causes people to see less, do less and be generally less efficient. Instead of reading with a light reflecting off a fixed page, with a computer the light is constantly flashing to a beat frequency of 60 Hz. Also, right now, there is a constant muscle spasm as your eyes search for the fonts on your computer screen. In your health regimen, don’t overlook your eyes. The key to improved vision is relearning relaxed vision habits. Do everything you can to keep your eyes flexible and strong. Let me tell you about one of the most fascinating EFT videos.

Don’t Push the River
I work with a lot of “successful” business people. They’re action oriented. They get things accomplished. They have a “can do” attitude. They push to make things happen. That’s valuable, except it can backfire with EFT. After all, it’s one thing to take action and go swimming. What’s important is whether you’re swimming with the current or against it. The book by Barry Stevens, published years ago, aptly put it: Don’t Push the River (It Flows By Itself). Same with EFT.

EFT: The Seinfeld Episode
What if Jerry Seinfeld and his friends Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza and Elaine Benes had discovered EFT? Let’s imagine. Here’s a taste, an idea of a few things that might have happened. Take it away Jerry.

Try “Balancing My Energy”
Want a quick way to relieve stress or get into a more relaxed, receptive state? Try tapping the different EFT points while saying the phrase, “balancing my energy.” Intuitively, I tried this one day while I was taking a walk and got surprisingly positive results. I immediately felt relaxed, lightly euphoric. I find that it works for me. Discover if it’s helpful to you. It’s quite simple.

No Matter What
Here’s just a short thing to share with you. When you have challenging days, times when you may not feel in sync, try using a few of these EFT setup phrases. Experiment and discover what works best for you.

Have You Been Diagnosed with RGA?
In our culture we are hooked on labels. In addition to simple political labels like liberal/conservative and left/right, we have many different addictions, afflictions, compulsions, conditions, dis-abilities, dis-eases, dis-orders, fixations, obsessions and syndromes. All of these are labels focused on things that are “wrong, broken, or need to be fixed.” The problem with labels is that although they simplify and define what things are, they aren’t who we really are. Hopefully, you have RGA — “Recreating Growth Ability.” When you label yourself as anything else, you limit yourself. Remove any labels from your outerwear.

I remember opening up a Chinese Fortune cookie years ago, and gently pulling out its slip of paper that said, “What makes you think that you’ll be happy with more if you’re not already happy with what you have? That struck me as a gem of wisdom. The pursuit of “more” can go on forever. Happiness is available now, not when you get your dream car or perfect job. Happiness is a feeling and state of being. What ritual or method can you follow anytime you decide you want click into a happiness state of mind?

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