Financial Yo Yo

Oct 16, 08 Financial Yo Yo

The Down Jones Industrial Average suffered heavy losses during the week of October sixth. What a difference a weekend makes. On Monday, October 13th, the Dow skyrocketed to its biggest gain ever. Now, almost daily, the stock market is spinning up and down like a yo yo. These volatile investment shifts, capped with fearful worldwide financial news, can see-saw our emotions. Although we can’t control much of what happens in the outside world, we can do something about our internal state. We can calm our money fears using tools like EFT. EFT Practitioner, Jordan Savage, offers a short tapping sequence to help you.


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When you change how you feel on the inside, you’re in a calmer, better place to make financial and other decisions. Use EFT to release uncomfortable money fears you may have. Instead of being reactionary, EFT enables you to be response-able.

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