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Sep 24, 09 Color Tapping

Just as musical notes and sounds have a specific vibration, so do the colors of the spectrum. What you think of as a color is actually reflected light that reaches your retinas through vibratory wavelengths. Your brain then interprets the waves as colors. Colors can express how you feel such as “feeling blue,” “green with envy,” or “in the pink.” What might happen if you combine some ideas from color therapy (chromatherapy) with EFT tapping to change how you feel by releasing unwanted negative emotions or bringing in positive feelings?

Before you start, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 meaning you’re feeling very “good,” and one “not so good,” write down a number indicating how you feel. Now, without thinking about it, intuitively pick a color that you sense will help you feel better. Without thinking or analyzing, choose whatever color comes to mind. You have free rein. Got your color?

Now, sitting in a comfortable position that’s right for you, visualize that color as fully as you can. See it as colored air or light. While visualizing this color, do a round of EFT tapping. Relax and take your time. Go slowly. Imagine the color surrounding your body. Now breath your color it in and out. No words, just tapping, visualizing and sensing. If you’d like to change the form of the color to colored water or a liquid, feel free to do so.

After doing a round of tapping with the color, stop and take a deep breath. Notice if there’s an improvement in how you feel. If so, do another round of tapping using that color to go higher to a positive feeling of 10. If there’s no improvement, use your intuition or information from the color chart below to select a different color. Play with color tapping to see how you might release negative feelings and install valuable ones to positively affect you emotionally and physically.  

  Emotional Benefits Emotional Relief


Purifying, balancing color. Beginning anew, fresh. Protection, expansion, truth. Cleansing, releasing, clearing.


Stimulating and vitalizing color. Increases physical energy, stamina, motivation, passion, spontaneity, self confidence. Apathy, depression, fear, lack of confidence.


Warming and energizing color. Stimulates creativity, productivity, optimism, enthusiasm, joy, spontaneity, emotional expression. Boredom, sadness, inhibition.
Yellow Color that stimulates mental processes and digestive system. Increases happiness, fun, humor, personal power, creativity. Depression, sadness, low self-esteem, short attention span.
Green Calming and soothing color. Supports balance, harmony, love communication, compassion, relaxation,  acceptance. Spite, agitation, fear of emotional involvement.
Blue Cooling, protective, antiseptic color. Increases calmness, honesty, kindness. Timid, distrustful, fear of speaking, avoiding confrontations.
Violet Cleansing and antiseptic color. Stimulates intuition, imagination, artistic qualities. Despair, loss of faith, lack of self-respect.

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  1. Denise evans /

    Looking forward to healing benefits that EFT will bring to me,also the colour therapy.

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