Honoring Gary Craig

Dec 15, 09 Honoring Gary Craig

As you may know, Gary Craig, the founder of EFT is retiring on January 15, 2010. I first discovered EFT eight years ago. I was reading an article by the late Don Blackerby who was dedicated to helping kids rediscover the joy of learning. Don mentioned a new method of relieving emotional and physical issues by tapping on specific acupuncture points. Since I had absolutely no frame of reference for this, I thought it was bizarre. How could tapping your fingertips do anything? Thank goodness I didn’t let that get in my way to learning more about EFT.

I have a lot of respect for Don Blackerby. I also trust my intuition and believe in synchronicity so I decided to jump in and learn all about EFT. Back then, Gary’s EFT materials were on videotapes and audio cassettes so I bought them. That was the beginning of a journey into the wonderful healing land of EFT and more.

From the very beginning, Gary Craig’s goal has been to bring EFT and its healing benefits to the world in an easy to understand manner. I greatly appreciate the challenges Gary has faced as EFT has blossomed in popularity worldwide. Gary has always wanted EFT to be open to everyone — professionals and the public alike. It’s also been important to him to control the quality and integrity of how EFT was presented.

In addition to the hundreds and hundreds of EFT success stories I’ve read over the years, I’ve also seen criticisms of EFT, including some calling it a placebo effect, quackery, and yada yada yada. It’s primarily skeptics that have never even tried this simple, noninvasive method. Yes, there’s great value in scientific, logical, left-brain thinking. And, it’s not the only truth, the only solution set to emotional and physical issues.

It’s just as important to tap into your own right-brain intuition and have a curious, adventuresome, inquisitive mindset that’s open to direct experience of new discoveries and possibilities such as EFT. There are millions of people doing EFT around the world. So far, over a thousand people have left comments on his retirement post telling how EFT has positively impacted them.

By the way, if you don’t have DVDs from the EFT library, you might want to get them. Gary will be closing his Website when he retires, and he may not offer the DVDs again once his inventory is gone.

Lastly, Gary Craig has been a soldier in helping bring healing to people who have lost hope or given up on customary methods of treating emotional and physical issues. A soldier is a person who contends or serves in any cause. Gary has been on point not only for EFT, but for opening people’s minds, hearts, and spirits to new healing possibilities. As every soldier knows, to take point, walk point, or be on point is to take the first, most risky and vulnerable position in a combat military formation.

The point person is the lead soldier in a unit advancing through hostile or unsecured territory. That territory has been traditional, limited, close-minded beliefs about what’s possible for psychological and physical health and healing. Walking point requires a dedication to others and a constant, extreme alertness. There’s such mental and physical fatigue, a soldier can only do it for so long. That’s why the point position is rotated between soldiers and units.

Gary, thank you for walking point for us for so many years. I honor you and have tremendous love and gratitude for your selfless commitment and integrity in bringing the wonder-full gift of EFT to us all.

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