The Effects of Beliefs Paralysis

Dec 18, 09 The Effects of Beliefs Paralysis

A few days ago, I was working with a woman who has Transverse Myelitis which is a neurological disorder of the spinal cord caused by inflammation. She was in a wheelchair because she is paralyzed from the waist down. While she was in the hospital, I introduced her to EFT over the telephone. She’d been paralyzed once before and recovered, even though her doctors said she never would. This time she didn’t believe she’d walk out of the hospital. That belief changed within 10 minutes of tapping with EFT.

I asked her what had changed. She said that previously she pictured herself walking out of the hospital. This time she didn’t. Instead, she saw herself leaving the hospital in a wheelchair. I taught her the EFT shortcut method over the phone. Her starting SUDS level was at an eight and we tapped with the following setup phrase:

“Even though I don’t see myself walking out of this hospital, I deeply and completely accept myself as best I can right now.”

[Since she said that she didn’t accept herself, we added the words, “as best I can right now.”]

Next we tapped:

“Even though I don’t see myself walking out of this hospital, I’m open to the possibility. I did it once before.”

In speaking with her, her belief internally was based on a picture. She saw herself in a wheelchair. I asked her if the picture was in color or black and white. She replied that it was in black and white. I said to imagine it being only one of several pictures in her slide show. Did she have a picture from a time in the past where she was active and feeling good? She said she did. Actually, she became excited because she saw a full color movie of herself water skiing.

Next, I told her that when I said, “now,” to mentally do one of three things with the black and white picture: 1) tear it into little pieces 2) burn it up 3) or, with her breath blow it a million miles away. She chose one and did it. After that, I had her mentally bring the full color movie of her water skiing back. I said to add some fun sounds, feelings of perfect balancing on her skis and even the unique smells of the boat on the lake to make it more “real.”

We did two more rounds of tapping while she projected the water skiing movie in her mind. Shortly after, her belief about not walking again went down to a zero. We tested to see if the negative “black and white” belief picture would come back and it wouldn’t. This is an example of how EFT can be valuable in helping people overcome limiting fears and beliefs regarding their health and well-being.

Might EFT help her walk again or improve her condition? Perhaps, because she was able to walk again once before. Also, she said that prior to her Transverse Myelitis, she endured two traumatic years of helping a relative with a drug addiction, plus five years of extreme emotional abuse from a husband she later divorced. No doubt there are various aspects to release. We’ll continue to tap away on her condition and be open to all possible outcomes. 

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    I love EFT. Thanks for the article.

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