EFT After a 40 mph Car Crash

Jan 26, 10 EFT After a 40 mph Car Crash

One of the things that concerns parents is automobile accidents when their sons or daughters are driving. My neighbor’s daughter’s car was hit from behind two weeks ago. Fortunately, although she was shaken up, she wasn’t physically injured. Luckily, she was driving an older sports utility vehicle with a rear bumper that thinks it’s a tank. Let me tell you how we used EFT for the trauma of her car crash.

Since my neighbor knows I’m an EFT coach/practitioner, the following morning she asked for my help. Getting hit from behind at 40 miles per hour while you’re at at stop light is traumatic. First, I asked to be certain her daughter didn’t have any serious physical issues that required immediate medical attention. She didn’t.

I checked to see what the most dominant thing about the accident was. Her daughter said it was the sound which was a very loud crash. We tapped on the sound of the crash. After rounds of tapping for about five minutes, that trauma was over. It went down to a SUDS (Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale) of zero. Next, we then tapped on the feelings it evoked — fear and surprise. We tapped on each of these separate emotional issues to zero them out.

Lastly, I asked her if she had any physical pain. She said that she did in in her lower back and stomach. We surmised that this was from an abrupt use of these muscles from the jolt of the crash. Although I wasn’t sure EFT would help, we “try it on everything.” We used EFT for the physical pain and amazingly, it also went away within a few minutes. That was two weeks ago, and after that morning we did the EFT tapping, the pain has never returned.

In car accidents, there are physical injuries that require and receive medical attention. What usually never gets taken care of are the emotional traumas from minor car accidents and other events. That’s why I urge people to learn how to use EFT so they have a “first aid” kit at their fingertips for upsetting things that happen at work, in play and everyday life.

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  1. Rod Sherwin /

    I have done quite a few session with clients for the after effects of car accidents which quite often includes whiplash. Whether it is immediately following the event or months or years later. Here is the article I wrote about doing EFT for whiplash.

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