Dog Bite, Achilles Tendon Pain

Apr 30, 10 Dog Bite, Achilles Tendon Pain

One of my daughter’s friends works as an assistant at a veterinary clinic. A couple of days ago, after the vet had operated on a Pomeranian, the dog woke up, became frightened and promptly chomped down on her friend’s thumb and hand. The pain was excruciating and the dog locked on with his bite so strongly that the vet and another assistant had to pry the dog’s jaw open. That evening when I saw my daughter’s friend, her hand was feeling somewhat better and we decided to do EFT to release the trauma of the event and possibly the pain.

Normally, one of the things that doesn’t get addressed is “everyday” traumas that people experience. Getting bitten by a dog is a trauma, yet most people don’t go to see a therapist for it, and those feelings, fears and stresses stay locked up in our minds and bodies. EFT is wonderful for easing traumas like this.

First, we started by tapping on the pain. When we began doing EFT, the SUDS level for her pain started at a six. After only one round of tapping, it went to a two. I asked her what bothered her most about the incident and she said it was being caught off guard. We tapped on this traumatic part, and her pain immediately went to a zero. Like most people new to experiencing EFT, she was quite amazed to have her pain and discomfort vanish so quickly and easily. We also did some tapping on “I should have known better.” This tapping helped release some of her perfectionism, fears, frustration and stress from the situation.

On a different note, my daughter work up the other morning with pain and tightness in the Achilles tendon of her left foot. She suggested we do EFT to get some relief. Her SUDS level was about an eight. After two rounds of EFT she was down to a zero also.

In both of these instances, the physical pain has not come back. As a culture, we’re so conditioned to believing the only way to relieve pain is chemically via over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Don’t believe EFT will work for pain relief. Discover for yourself by learning more about EFT or working with an experienced EFT practitioner.

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  1. Great affirmation of how well, easily and quickly EFT can work for trauma.

    And I agree that we usually think of trauma as the big T Traumas. But a fall, a near accident, losing something, can all be registered by the mind/body as a trauma. And easily cleared with EFT tapping.

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