Gary Craig Info at EFT Universe

Jun 04, 10 Gary Craig Info at EFT Universe

Gary Craig’s website,, which as been the prime source of EFT information over the years will be discontinued on June 5th. The good news is that much of the information on the site, including the large collection of EFT articles is moving to Dawson Church’s new site, Dawson is the person responsible for the growing body of EFT research and his company, Energy Psychology Press, publishes several books on EFT.

Dawson will also be publishing a weekly EFT newsletter. You can subscribe to it on his website. Please be patient because will be getting a lot of Internet traffic in the next few days so it may be temporarily unavailable.

Unfortunately, there will be no more sales of Gary Craig’s DVDs. If you don’t have the DVDs from his library, there are over 100,000 people worldwide who purchased them. Each of these customers may duplicate the DVDs up to 100 times to give away. They can’t sell them. You may also be able to borrow or rent them.

The EFT Forums and Discussion Groups are moving to In addition, Dawson Church is also setting up EFT discussion groups that will be housed on

Many thanks to Gary Craig for continuing to share this valuable EFT information. Gary has been very sincere and generous in sharing EFT worldwide over the past 15 years. May he thoroughly enjoy his retirement.


  1. Jerry Sublett /

    In one of Gary’s DVDs he said there was a way to rebuild systems. How? I cured myself of Multiple Sclorosis by tapping. (Verified by a spinal tap) And now I am looking for a way to repair the damage that was done while I had it. Also “How is Gary doing?’ I put it in quotations because you probably get that question often (a million times a day at least.

  2. Michaela Dietmayer /

    Hi – I am Austrian, working as Mental Trainer in combination with EFT. I learned EFT almost 4 yrs ago. Now I seek for a site where I can express my thanks to Gary. Thanks for providing EFT in the way he does. And saying “thx” for the way how it has changed my life. My way of life became more and more calm, humorous, peaceful and authentic when clearing my own past things. A totally different attitude of life grew – it’s incredible! Then I started to work with clients. The outcomes are simply great as well. EFT enables so dramatic, effective changes in the mental, emotional and health conditions. Thanks so much for this tool! God bless you!

  3. Dear Gary, I have been doing EFT with great success for about 7 years. But I have a client which gets no results even after two different sessions. I now suspect that she may have a serious energy toxin going on. I tried going on the EFT web to see if there was anyone in the NYC or NJ area who would clear her toxins. She looks at a picture of herself and gets extremely grossed out. She fears having her picture taken because of this problem. Please give me some advise. Love Roseanna

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