EFT for Veterans DVD Available

Jun 05, 10 EFT for Veterans DVD Available

One of my first experiences learning EFT was viewing Gary Craig’s “Six Days at the VA.” Back then it was on videotape. Gary and Adrienne Fowlie were invited by the U.S. Veterans’ Administration in Los Angeles to work with veterans. Many of these vets had been in therapy for decades, yet still suffered from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). With EFT, now the veterans were getting some relief.

With such positive results, naturally I thought the Veterans Administration, therapists and families would flock to embrace EFT. Not so. From my experience, many people don’t believe something so simple as tapping on acupuncture points can be very effective. Their beliefs block their direct experience. Typically, they dismiss EFT without ever trying it. That’s about to change because of a new film being released this month called “Operation: Emotional Freedom.”

I’ve been awaiting the release of this feature length film since I saw Gary’s 20 minute film clip in 2008, “EFT for War Veterans.”  Eric Huurre is the producer and director of the film. According to Eric, Gary asked for just one thing, ”provide the audience with irrefutable evidence of what we can do with this technique.” The film does just that.

If you are a veteran, family member, friend or someone who cares about vets, I urge you to buy the DVD, watch it, and show it to others. The Special Edition DVD which is available now includes an exclusive interview with Gary Craig. Starting on June 12th, you’ll also have the option to “pay per view.” For little more than the price of a greeting card with postage, you’ll be able to send a viewing as a gift to someone you know who might benefit. You can find out more about the DVD and PPV here. Lastly, visit the Operation: Emotional Freedom website and subscribe to Eric’s newsletter.

Yes, Gary Craig is now retired. Over the years, he has been steadfast in showing his compassion for veterans. Let me close using Eric Huurre’s words about Gary Craig:

“You leave all of us better for what you brought to light.”


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