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Oct 07, 10 Quantum Entrainment

Although I don’t recall how it happened, last week I found out about Quantum Entrainment and Dr. Frank Kinslow’s book, The Secret of Instant Healing. At only 121 pages, I read the book in one evening. I just started playing with QE and have already had positive results. This “healing modality” reminds me of Dr. Richard Bartletts’s Matrix EnergeticsTwo Point” process. Both of these ways are very different from EFT because there’s no tapping at all. And they require quite a different mindset because you do nothing at all.

Where people new to EFT can learn from this is to “not do.” Let loose. Don’t get caught up in the mechanics. Instead of trying to make something happen, just direct a flow. Set a positive intention and let go. Allow whatever is supposed to happen unfold by itself. No thought, just pure awareness.

Although I primarily focus on EFT, I highly recommend reading The Secret of Instant Healing and Frank Kinslow’s other books. Here’s a short video on how to do Quantum Entrainment.

It’s fascinating to me that powerful and effective healing ways like Quantum Entrainment are so simple. We live in cultures where we relish action and doing. QE is about being instead of doing, noticing and being aware instead of acting. Find out more about Quantum Entrainment and how it might benefit you.

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  1. I would like to learn this healing method.
    Thanks for letting peoples know.

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