EFT for Newcomers

Oct 29, 10 EFT for Newcomers

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, retired earlier this year. Many of us had the opportunity to see Gary in action at his seminars and workshops. For those of you who didn’t, you can learn directly from Gary from the contents of a CD he released in 2002. It’s titled, EFT for Newcomers.

Technology has come a long way. I’ve got an original copy of the CD. In Part 1, Gary gives technical instructions on how to watch the video on your computer. With YouTube which didn’t appear until 2005, that’s no longer necessary. Part 2 of the CD is an introduction giving examples of how people are using EFT plus there’s a disclaimer. (Please read our disclaimer before watching the videos.) The other three parts of Gary’s CD give you instructions as Gary walks you through the steps on doing EFT.

Before watching the videos, I suggest picking a specific issue that you’d like to use to get relief with EFT. As you’ll see in the videos, Gary’s direct, down-to-earth and caring way of being comes across. He has an easy, informal manner. Enjoy learning EFT and watching Gary Craig in these three segments.

Preparation for “Let’s Do It”

Let’s Do It

If It Doesn’t Work



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