Use EFT When You Feel Annoyed

Oct 30, 10 Use EFT When You Feel Annoyed

Ever feel annoyed at someone? The EFTzone focuses on using EFT to create positive results at work, in play and everday life. Although EFT can be very effective for deep emotional and physical issues, EFT is also superb for dealing with everyday feelings like being annoyed at someone.

Yesterday, I was working with a person who was extremely annoyed at a friend of hers. On a SUDs scale, she said it was a 20. I reminded her to use EFT. Within two rounds of EFT tapping, her feelings of annoyance changed from a six to a zero. So use EFT for everyday occurrences that may bother you.

Here’s a tool to help you. Although this YouTube video from Jean Chenai is for using EFT for annoying males, you can also change it to work with any person that annoys you. The instructions are simple. Say the phrases that pop up on your screen while you tap at the different EFT tappping points. Remember, you can change the phrases to match them to the “annoying person.” 

When you do this, it’s important to really tune in to your annoying feelings. As you tap, they’ll start to melt away.


Remember that you can use EFT for anything that upsets you. For example, sounds that bother you like the television being too loud, or the buzzing of the refrigerator, and visuals like the light in a room being too bright. Use EFT to comfort and calm you with everyday annoyances.

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  1. Thanks for the great reminder. In my own EFT practice I can often get so caught up with “the big stuff” that I forget how wonderfully EFT works with the minor annoyances and daily hassles of life.


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