EFT for Fear of Driving

Jan 12, 11 EFT for Fear of Driving

I was recently doing an EFT seminar and a young woman wanted to deal with her fear of driving. It wasn’t about driving on the local roads. Her anxiety sped up about driving on Interstate Highway 95. It’s the main route from Florida to Maine so there are a lot of trucks traveling at high speeds tailgating cars. Even the thought of talking about it made her edgy. Her hands started to sweat and her heart rate increased. I’m not fond of driving on the 95 myself and checking my rearview mirror to see a  big ole Mack or Peterbuilt truck suddenly roaring up behind me.

I wondered what kind of pictures, sounds and feelings got triggered. In particular, she didn’t like driving in the middle lane. The crux of her fear was of being crushed. After 10-15 minutes of tapping, her SUDS level went from a 10 to a 2. Although she wasn’t ready to go out and drive on the 95, she knew that she could practice EFT as a passenger with another driver until she felt ready to do a test drive.

Do you have a fear of driving? It’s a common phobia that many people have. If you do a Google search of “fear of driving,” you’ll find over 8,000,000 results. You may find EFT very beneficial in overcoming a fear of driving. Watch EFT practitioner Rebecca Marina’s video and tap along.

Of course with EFT, you’re going after the core beliefs or events hiding under the fears. Oftentimes, this requires working with an EFT practitioner with the experience and skills to help.



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