Tapping for Japan

Mar 15, 11 Tapping for Japan

The 2011 Tapping World Summit ended last week. Since then, the Ortner production team of Nick, Jessica, and Alex, have had a lot of inquiries from people wondering how to mobilize the collective energies of the hundreds of thousands of people who participated in the summit to help with the tragedy in Japan. Nick Ortner has offered a positive way to do this. Our collective energies can make a difference, but Nick also believes that it’s vitally important to tap through our own responses to the tragedies we face in life.

Whether it be Japan, or the earthquake in New Zealand, or the ongoing challenges in Haiti, focusing on the negative isn’t going to help anyone. There’s only so much of watching the network news before it becomes counterproductive. I agree with Nick that unless we process and release our fears, our concerns, our stress, we can’t really be of much help and move forward in a positive direction to make a difference.

Nick is offering you two things for you to make that happen. The first is a very special audio from Jessica Ortner which is a short tap-along meditation (like her surrogate tapping one that everyone loves!) to help tap through some of what’s going on. The second offering is something more on the practical side. From the next few days, until Friday, March 18th, the Ortners are going to offer their excellent documentary film, The Tapping Solution film, for 50% off.

They were planning on doing this anyway as a post-summit celebration, because many people asked how they could get a copy of the film. This offer makes it a super price for you because the film only costs $15 (at half price). The cool part is that they’re going to donate 100% of gross sales until they hit their goal of $10,000 to support the relief efforts in Japan. If the response is good, they’ll look to raise more money! The funds will go to the Red Cross, unless they can find an organization that is doing specific trauma relief work, ideally with Tapping.

You can listen to Jessica’s audio here:

Jessica Ortner: Tapping for Japan

And you can see the trailer for The Tapping Solution film and pick up a copy at 50% off the regular price to support Japan by clicking here:

Save 50% on the Film When You Donate

If you were looking to donate funds to the efforts in Japan, now’s the time!

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  1. Thanks for posting Jessica’s audio, it is very powerful. I created a tapping video to deal with some of the emotions of Japan as well. We’re all in this thing together, thanks for spreading the light.

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