Quit? Smokers Love Smoking.

Apr 12, 11 Quit? Smokers Love Smoking.

Let’s quit nagging smokers to quit smoking. Let’s stop all of the shocking, fearful public service announcement scare tactics. They don’t work because they don’t address the most important element. Yes, intellectually people know smoking is “bad” for them. It’ just that they love to smoke. A smoker might say, “smoking gives me pleasure, helps me relax, helps me think, or makes me feel that I’m not alone.”

If you ask most smokers, they’ll tell you that they’d like to quit. Many have even tried. In fact, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, 70% of smokers want to quit, and more than 84% of them are unsuccessful in their attempts. So what’s the issue? It’s simply that smoking does something positive for them and helps make them feel good. Instead of suppressing the real reasons behind why people smoke, let’s bring them to the forefront. Use EFT to release feelings at the core of why smokers smoke.

By the way, keep in mind that cigarette smoking may be frowned upon today, yet not long ago smoking was culturally in vogue. In fact, look at most of the old black and white movies and most of the actors and actresses smoked.  So did doctors. Check out this video.

If you smoke and really want to stop, EFT can help. EFT practitioner, Aileen Nobles, has an excellent video that really gets at core issues of why someone smokes. Notice how she alternates between tapping on opposites (love smoking and want to quit). She integrates opposites and provides new choices.

Another video you may want to watch is from Magnus. He teaches you the classic EFT method.

The main reason that EFT can be so effective in helping smokers who really want to quit smoking is that EFT doesn’t deny the reasons smokers smoke and the “benefits” they get from doing it. EFT releases any negative or unwanted feelings connected to smoking.


  1. Dan Bass /

    My brother used to be a chain smoker and when I learned about emotional freedom techniques from a friend, I instantly recommended that summit to him by The Tapping Solution. It was not an easy process for him because he has been smoking since he was 18 and now he’s 32. We really owe EFT a lot as my brother is close to stopping and cutting cigarette.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.

  3. Thanks for posting these! I have been using EFT on and off for a few years, but have not been able to find the right “recipe” (for the right term) to kick the addiction of smoking. These videos are exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks so much!

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