EFT Project Where You Can Make a Difference

Mar 21, 12 EFT Project Where You Can Make a Difference

What are your beliefs about prisoners? Are you empathetic or apathetic? Do you think any of them can change or want to change? Just like in society, there are many types of people in prison. Some want to continue as career criminals. Others are highly motivated to change.

A ways back, I had the opportunity to teach EFT for a prisoner Anger Management class. People had to apply for the program because it was so successful in producing results. There was a waiting list to take the class.

My experience was extraordinary and certainly one of the most rewarding times I’ve ever had in my life. With EFT the changes were powerful and dramatic. Some days it was magical in the positive energy created. I saw people learn skills in communication and using EFT to dissipate their anger. After the class was completed, I had great respect for everyone who participated.

Another person who has done wonderful volunteer work teaching Anger Management classes to prisoners is Gene Monterastelli. Gene has started a project to create a toolset by publishing a book for inmates. He needs our help. You may want to participate. Gene is very talented, has great integrity and is positively impacting the lives of prisoners and their families. Please click on the gray and blue “Imprisoned by Anger” link below to watch a short video of Gene Monterastelli providing an overview and showing you how you can assist in helping manifest this very worthwhile project.



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