Using EFT for First Bite Syndrome

May 28, 13 Using EFT for First Bite Syndrome

About ten days ago, I had surgery to remove a benign tumor deep in the back of my throat. It was larger than a golf ball and located in the right parapharyngeal space near the Parotid gland.

Afterwards, one of the things my surgeon told me is that I would most likely have what’s called, First Bite Syndrome. This is a complication that often occurs after patients undergo parapharyngeal space surgery. In technical terms, inadvertent ablation of the Parotid gland’s sympathetic innervation results in the development of severe parotid gland–area pain at the first bites of food.

Basically, when a person eats, there’s excruciating pain for the first few bites, then the pain subsides. What makes matters worse is the anticipation that the pain is forthcoming.

As someone who has been doing EFT for years, I was curious if EFT might help relieve the pain. There’s an old EFT saying, “Try it on Everything,” so I thought I’d play around with tapping for FBS. I didn’t want to write about this until I had used EFT 20-30 times for pain relief.

Whenever I was going to eat, I started continuously and vigorously tapping on the Karate Chop point. That’s all. By continuously tapping on this point, I discovered that pain was minimal and tolerable, no more than a SUDS of one. This compares to First Bite Syndrome where it was initially a SUDS of a piercing ten. Also, tapping on the Collarbone point worked just as very well.

I’m going to experiment with other points and perhaps saying some EFT setup phrases. It’s nice to have a tool like EFT for pain relief.

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