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About Us

The purpose of the EFTzone blog is to share information about EFT and the myriad of ways it can be used to alleviate emotional and physical issues. EFT is also an excellent tool you can use for self-development, peak performance and reaching your full potential.

Although you’ll primarily find articles about EFT on this blog. You’ll also find other energy psychology and healing methods covered here from time to time.Ron Ball is the editor and producer for the EFTzone. We also have leading EFT practitioners write articles and postings. In addition to the EFTzone, Ron is the co-author and publisher of Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping, and the full color EFT comic book, Radiant Woman: Learn a Super Way to Get Powerfult Results for Your Health and Well-Being. He’s also the creator of MindSigns Personal Billboards, a series of greeting cards sent as a gift automatically each week.

Listen to an interview with Ron on the Donna Tyson show.

[audio:http://inroads.cc/audio/RBall_DTyson_012511.mp3|titles=Ron Ball on Donna Tyson’s “Rivers of Faith” Show]

Ron has received both the Basic EFT and Advanced EFT Certificates. After working for years as a vice president of marketing in the super-stress world of high technology and grasping the impact stress has on health, Ron set out to find a solution to help busy executives and employees relieve stress. He found several little-known but valuable techniques.

In his quest, he discovered the breakthrough method called EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques is an elegant, simple and powerful method anyone can learn. People can tap into EFT at work, in play and everyday life. In addition to EFT, he’s made a lifelong study of self-development and peak performance tools. Ron’s company, Inroads LLC, specializes in teaching business executives, employees and other people how to learn EFT to release and manage stress with his training program called, “Stress Finesse.”

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