EFT for Fear of Driving

Jan 12, 11 EFT for Fear of Driving

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I was recently doing an EFT seminar and a young woman wanted to deal with her fear of driving. It wasn’t about driving on the local roads. Her anxiety sped up about driving on Interstate Highway 95. It’s the main route from Florida to Maine so there are a lot of trucks traveling at high speeds tailgating cars. Even the...

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Use EFT When You Feel Annoyed

Oct 30, 10 Use EFT When You Feel Annoyed

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Ever feel annoyed at someone? The EFTzone focuses on using EFT to create positive results at work, in play and everday life. Although EFT can be very effective for deep emotional and physical issues, EFT is also superb for dealing with everyday feelings like being annoyed at someone. Yesterday, I was working with a person who was...

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EFT for Newcomers

Oct 29, 10 EFT for Newcomers

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Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, retired earlier this year. Many of us had the opportunity to see Gary in action at his seminars and workshops. For those of you who didn’t, you can learn directly from Gary from the contents of a CD he released in 2002. It’s titled, EFT for Newcomers. Technology has come a long way....

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Quantum Entrainment

Oct 07, 10 Quantum Entrainment

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Although I don’t recall how it happened, last week I found out about Quantum Entrainment and Dr. Frank Kinslow’s book, The Secret of Instant Healing. At only 121 pages, I read the book in one evening. I just started playing with QE and have already had positive results. This “healing modality” reminds me of...

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Inner-Ease™ Technique

Sep 17, 10 Inner-Ease™ Technique

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EFT is a simple, wonderful healing modality. Another one you may find of great value is from HeartMath, an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. September 21st is the...

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