Using EFT for Plumbers, Electricians and Painters

Jan 16, 06 Using EFT for Plumbers, Electricians and Painters

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One of the reasons that I haven’t posted to the EFTzone for a while is that we recently moved to a new home we had built. Aside from the normal hassles of moving, the 12 month experience was very positive until the last month. We moved in right before Christmas and a lot of things simply weren’t done. Toilets were...

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Try “Balancing My Energy”

Dec 19, 05 Try “Balancing My Energy”

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Want a quick way to relieve stress or get into a more relaxed, receptive state? Try tapping the different EFT points while saying the phrase, “balancing my energy.” Intuitively, I tried this one day while I was taking a walk and got surprisingly positive results. I immediately felt relaxed, lightly euphoric. I find that...

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The Joy in Uncovering a Limiting Belief

Dec 06, 05 The Joy in Uncovering a Limiting Belief

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I had a business client, Jerry, with some stress and success blocks that he wanted to explore. We tapped on various beliefs and fears around unworthiness, guilt, rejection, greed, and scarcity. There wasn’t much of an emotional charge to any of these. Then I suggested to Jerry to tap on the different EFT points. While doing...

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The Power of Adding the Word “Somehow”

Nov 14, 05 The Power of Adding the Word “Somehow”

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The last part of the EFT setup phrase is “I deeply and completely accept myself.” I’ve seen many people have emotional difficulty and feel very uncomfortable just saying the phrase. Sometimes there’s a lot of resistance to speaking the words. EFT practitioner Ryan Harrison has come up with a powerful...

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What’s the Point?

Nov 07, 05 What’s the Point?

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In learning EFT, I often get questions from people about the “correct” tapping points. Think of learning EFT as if you’re learning to play a piece of music. In the musical score, there are specific notes to hit no matter who plays the music. In EFT there are certain points to tap. Just as musicians will play a...

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