EFT Wallet Cards


Our EFT Wallet Cards are a quick, handy reference guide to doing the classic EFT Shortcut Method. The outside of the card has a photo with EFT points indicated. The sideside which isn’t show folds out to show. complete instructions step-by-step. It’s the same size as a business card when it’s folded to 3-1/2″ by 2″. The EFT Wallet Card is old in packs of 100 scored cards. Includes free shipping in USA.

EFT Wallet Cards 100 Pack (FREE Shipping)


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  1. Martha Quinlan /

    Not a comment. Do you know where I can purchase a Danish Publication of EFT?

  2. Hi,

    You might check out this website and contact the content creator of the site.

    Ron Ball

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