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Shining the Spotlight on Grant Connolly

Shining the Spotlight on Grant Connolly Posted by on Aug 12, 2006

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EFT is for Adults Only

EFT is for Adults Only Posted by on Jan 21, 2005

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EFT & Unity Thru Music

EFT & Unity Thru Music Posted by on Apr 28, 2009

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FREE Brad Yates Videos

FREE Brad Yates Videos Posted by on Aug 19, 2008

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Well-Known Secret

Well-Known Secret Posted by on Mar 12, 2007

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Oxygen Eyes

Oxygen Eyes Posted by on Aug 23, 2007

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Emotional Soreness?

Emotional Soreness? Posted by on Aug 22, 2009

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Whoopi Goldberg Tapping

Whoopi Goldberg Tapping Posted by on Apr 6, 2009

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Financial Yo Yo

Financial Yo Yo Posted by on Oct 16, 2008

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Tapping Into Your Dreams

Jul 11, 05 Tapping Into Your Dreams

Posted by in Health & Living

Do you remember your dreams? Normally, when I wake up in the morning I don’t. If I wake up in the middle of sleeping, I do. Often, I keep a notepad by my bed to write down my dream(s) upon waking. Years ago, I took a dream workshop. One of the things we learned to do was set our alarm clocks to wake up in the middle of the...

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The London Bombings and Using EFT for Troubling News

Jul 07, 05 The London Bombings and Using EFT for Troubling News

Posted by in Learning

I’ve been to London about a dozen times, mostly on business. I love the city and the people. Watching the news this morning of the London bombings brought back memories of the 911 terrorism in the USA. I like to be informed so I watched the news for a period of time and then turned the television off. I don’t choose to...

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I Hate You

Jul 02, 05 I Hate You

Posted by in Work & Money

Kids say, “I hate you” a lot. They express how they feel in raw, unedited, non-filtered honesty. They don’t yet understand the power of words. As adults, we know how the words we use to express ourselves affect other people. Last week, working with a business client, a young woman employee said that she...

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EFT: The Seinfeld Episode

Jun 22, 05 EFT: The Seinfeld Episode

Posted by in Family & Relationships

What if Jerry Seinfeld and his friends Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza and Elaine Benes had discovered EFT? Let’s imagine. Here’s a taste, an idea of a few things that might have happened. Take it away Jerry. [Opening nightclub sequence with Jerry doing a stand-up comedy routine.]...

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Blood Pressure Cooker

Jun 16, 05 Blood Pressure Cooker

Posted by in Health & Living

Recently, I was working with a business executive, teaching him how to use EFT for releasing his stress. His specific issue was that he was responsible for a major international engineering project. Since some of the work had to be done through individuals in other divisions, he was afraid he had no control over the outcome and was...

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Freeing Physical Pain with EFT

Jun 08, 05 Freeing Physical Pain with EFT

Posted by in Health & Living

Until yesterday, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted any articles about using EFT to relieve physical pain. The main reason is the focus of this blog is using EFT for everyday life. Also, I’m not a medical or health care professional. However, when I was speaking with one of my neighbors, it struck me that...

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