Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Mar 04, 05 Planes, Trains & Automobiles

When I want a good laugh, topped off with a touch of humanity, I watch the movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy. When it comes to traveling for many people though, taking a trip isn’t funny. It brings out fears, uneasiness and discomfort. The three main travel issues are: motion sickness, fear of flying and jet lag. Quite often, you can use EFT to alleviate all of these.

Motion Sickness

I’m fortunate that I don’t get motion sickness. Not so with the rest of my family. When we drive somewhere, they all go for the front passenger seat at once. I ‘m familiar with the “open the window” routine. The quandary is when it’s freezing cold outside. I also have firsthand experience knowing which janitorial supplies work best for cleaning car upholstery.

At one time or another, most people have used over the counter or prescription drugs, including skin patches, for motion sickness. Dr. Joseph Mercola also offers some natural remedies for motion sickness. (He mentions that EFT can work wonders for it.)

One of the things that I found worked best was wrist straps. They apply pressure to the wrist acupressure point. The drawback is that they get uncomfortable. Plus, why be strapped to buying one of these? You can handle nausea by applying pressure or tapping on the “Inner Gate” or P6 point. It’s located in the middle of the inside of the forearm, three finger-widths from where the wrist meets the hand. Another point that works well is the EFT Under the Eye point. This point is on the stomach meridian. Sometimes it isn’t as simple as applying pressure on a point. There are emotional issues to address. That’s where EFT can be particularly effective.

Fear of Flying

Probably the biggest concern people have when going on an aero plane, isn’t a fear of flying. It’s fear of the airplane food. That is, if you get any. Will my snack be peanuts, pretzels, or one of those mystery mixtures? If you get a real meal deal, will it be chicken or pasta? The plate size and utensils on commercial flights remind me of when my daughter used to serve me things from her Easy-Bake oven.

If you have a fear of flying, you’re in good company. So did President Ronald Reagan. So does Muhammad Ali, Ray Bradbury, Cher, Aretha Franklin, Whoopi Goldberg, John Madden, and Bob Newhart. Research indicates that about 25 million Americans are afraid to fly. Again, EFT can come to the rescue here. A person may have different fears or aspects for a fear of flying. Go to and use the site’s search engine for “fear of flying.” You’ll find several excellent articles.

Jet Lag

I used to do a log of international travel. I read books on jet lag, followed a diet of eating high protein meals in the morning and high carbohydrate meals at night, plus other tips and tricks. Jet lag necessitates a major adjustment for your body and system. Will EFT work for jet lag? Yes, so the next time you’re on a plane, train, ship, bus or car, rely on EFT to help take the fear or discomfort from traveling. Don’t forget to mentally pack it away for when you might need it.

Contact EFT Practitioner

One final note–I highly recommend working with an EFT practitioner for any travel issue that’s troublesome. Click here to find someone by specialty or geographic area. One of the benefits of EFT is that it works quite well over the telephone. When you’re having uncomfortable feelings, you don’t need to wait weeks for an office visit. In an airport? Need assistance? Make a call.

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