Piggybacking, Hitchhiking Benefits

Aug 12, 05 Piggybacking, Hitchhiking Benefits

One of the many valuable methods of EFT is called “Borrowing Benefits.” You piggyback or hitchhike on someone else tapping on their issue and indirectly gain to reap benefits on your own issue. It’s like a ripple effect and quite a powerful technique. Anyone that wants to really learn EFT needs to get Gary Craig’s Borrowing Benefits video series. It belongs in your EFT library. You’ll be amazed at what you can do gleaning and borrowing benefits.

Sometimes when you’re doing EFT and borrowing benefits, you need to be patient. You may not get an instant benefit. It may be a delayed reaction. Some time ago, I attended a “Success and Abundance with EFT” workshop in Stamford, Connecticut with Gary Craig and Carol Look. During the workshop, I was tapping a lot and borrowing benefits. I had some changes, but no breakthroughs. That is until the following Monday morning after I left the workshop. I was exercising and watching an EFT Borrowing Benefits DVD. I was tapping along on a physical issue. I wanted to discover why there was tightness in my solar plexus. All of a sudden the answer whooshed to me. I felt strong emotional reaction and the memory came right back to me.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed climbing and exploring. It was fun. I loved adventure. One day, I climbed too high in this giant Olive tree. I got really up near the top. Then, I went out on a limb too far and it broke. I came crashing down to the ground and just missed hitting my bicycle. It knocked the wind out of me so I couldn’t breathe. My adrenaline was pumping. I was shocked. It scared me to death.

What came to me was, “When I climb too high or go out on a limb, it will scare the life out of me.”

I suddenly realized that all these years, there was part of me with a positive intention that wanted to protect me from harm by keeping me from climbing too high. I could do well and achieve a lot as long as I didn’t “climb too high.”

I felt tremendous gratitude to that part of me and tapped on being thankful, grateful and loving that part of me. Right after that, another part of me came up with something spontaneously. I realized that I could climb up the tree and when I got higher, I had wings to fly like an Eagle.

I used the choices method with this affirmation.

Even though in the past, climbing too high or going out on a limb scared the life out of me, I now choose to know I have wings to enjoy flying as high as an Eagle. Eagles enjoy resting on branches.

I did a few rounds of EFT until I got to a calm and peaceful state. I felt really good, especially being conscious of the issue, and knowing that I could use EFT if another aspect should come up. It’s interesting that this breakthrough came right after all of the tapping at the “Success and Abundance workshop.”

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