Adding NLP to Your EFT

Jun 28, 08 Adding NLP to Your EFT

Let’s say that you’re doing a round of EFT for an issue that bothers you. How are you experiencing this issue? What’s behind the emotion? Quite often, it may be a visual component — a mental picture. Or, it could be a smell or a sound. For example, you might internally “hear” someone yelling at you.

Last week I did EFT with a client who had a high degree of anxiety over earthquakes and aftershocks that were occurring daily. He had a full color close-up image of an earthquake event. Within a few minutes of doing a few rounds of EFT, the client’s “earthquake picture” became blurry and in black and white. He went from a SUDS level of 10 to a one. It no longer bothered him, nor could he get it back to a disturbing intensity. It’s good to learn something about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) when doing EFT.

If you’d like to see an explanation of NLP, check out John Seymour’s, What is NLP?

The video below shows eye patterns. When asked specific questions, the person responds with eye cues. Up and to the left is retrieving from visual memory (Visual Remember). Up and to the right is creating a picture (Visual Construct). Horizontally to the left is retrieving an auditory recording (Auditory Remember). Horizontally to the right is creating an auditory (Auditory Construct) “thought.” Looking down to the right is accessing kinesthetically (K). Eyes looking down left are accessing an auditory internal dialogue (AD).

What’s the value of this in doing EFT? NLP offers you a way of knowing how a person is internally processing their thoughts and feelings. You can learn more about NLP here.

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