The Last Diet You May Ever Need

Jul 21, 05 The Last Diet You May Ever Need

To get to a person’s ideal weight for health and feeling good, many people go on diets. Diets and diet related products are a $40 billion business in America. Most people have been on some kind of diet. The more recent plans include the South Beach, Atkins, Nutricise, ChangeOne, Rosedale, Weight Watchers, Zone, Thyroid, Mediterranean, and Okinawa diets just to name a few. Up until now, diets have missed out on the other critical factor–the emotional factors behind weight gain. Now EFT experts have created what we might call the “EFT Diet.” The program is called The Key to Weight Loss. Anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way may want to consider it. It may be the last diet you ever need.

Before I talk about this EFT diet, let me provide a few insights on diets. I actually came up with a diet a few years back that a friend of mine went on and had great success. I called it, The Airplane Plate Diet. Very simply, you just served your meals in serving sizes like on commercial airplanes. You got itty, bitty meals. It worked for him.

Another diet strategy is that I refuse to get a new wardrobe by buying larger size clothes. I either lose the weight or keep wearing the same outfit daily. (The trick is remembering to do the laundry each evening.) You know, there actually was a Seinfeld episode where a woman Jerry was dating wore the same outfit all of the time. She must have been using my diet strategy.

I did go on the South Beach diet about six months ago. It didn’t take me long to get to the weight I feel most comfortable and healthy. I got sick of eating string cheese and cauliflower mashed potatoes. The real reason I got off the diet was I discovered that Splenda wasn’t so splendid. On the South Beach diet, a lot of the snack or desert dishes use artificial sweeteners so my body was getting a lot of Splenda. After a few weeks, I started feeling lousy and “wasn’t quite myself.” I also had a gurgling in my stomach much of the time, along with other physical problems. Mentally, I felt a bit down and out of it. Then, I intuitively figured out that it must have been the Splenda. I immediately stopped all use of it. Two days later I felt great again. My message to you is to watch out for those artificial sweetners.

Now, let me get back to the EFT diet. You don’t have to buy any special canned, frozen or packaged foods. Most diets produce short term success. That’s why there are so many new diets. If all of these bestselling diets worked so well, new diets would come to a halt. Read the article, The Diet Business: Banking on Failure.

The Key to Weight Loss focuses on a diet for long term success. It addresses the emotional factors behind weight control and other issues. The developers of the program, Dr. Patrica Carrington, Dr. Carol Look and Sandi Radomski are all well respected experts in EFT. What I like is that they stand behind their program by offering a one-year guarantee. Not 30, 60 or 90 days. A full year to discover its value for you. Or you receive your money back. It’s also very reasonably priced. To me, it’s a no brainer for anyone seriously wanting to lose weight and feel good.

If you’d like some other resources for EFT with weight and health issues, see these articles about Using EFT for Weight Loss.

On somewhat of a different note, in addition to a physical diet, have you ever been on a mental one to uncover negative beliefs? I’ve got one for you. The 7 Day MindSigns Diet is a mental diet to lose the weight of negative thinking by becoming more aware of the thoughts zooming between our ears. Go on the diet for seven days and you’ll definitely be challenged. To download a free copy of The 7 Day MindSigns Diet e-booklet in PDF format, click here.

In closing, diets always sell well and they’ve been going on for eons. In fact, in 1087, William the Conqueror (who later became King William of England) found he could no longer ride his horse because he was too fat. He went on a liquid diet and began drinking alcohol instead of eating food in an attempt to lose weight. Short term, it worked. Although he was able to mount his horse again, he died of injuries when he fell off while riding. Guess they didn’t have any drinking and riding laws back then.

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