Shining the Spotlight on Maryam Webster

Nov 29, 06 Shining the Spotlight on Maryam Webster

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As you listen to segments of the EFTzone Spotlight on Maryam Webster, you’ll find that she’s a bright, bold and brave leader in the field of energy psychology and wellness, willing to jump into unchartered waters. She expresses herself in a refreshingly honest and caring way. As a contributor and collaborator,...

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The Giving Tree

Nov 13, 06 The Giving Tree

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Gary Craig’s EFT Blog had an article titled, When Was The Last Time You Gave Away A Precious Stone? If you’ll continue reading this article, we’ve included the blog post here. It brings to mind, the classic children’s book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree, which is a well loved book and also a...

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