Sweet Nightmares

Apr 09, 07 Sweet Nightmares

A friend of mind came to me and said that she had dreamt the same “nightmare” for the past two nights. Although she couldn’t make sense of her dream, the emotions were quite powerful, and she really wanted to find out what the dream meant. According to some books on dreams, recurring dreams happen when a situation isn’t getting resolved in waking life. I asked her if there was a situation that needed to resolved in her life. Here’s what she had to say.

At first, nothing came to mind, probably because the situation was so obvious. My friend was taking a test given in five areas of competency. She had passed 80% of the tests and only needed to pass one last section — the math portion. This was her last opportunity to pass the test or she would have to wait another year. Since she didn’t like math, she resisted studying and preferred to spend her time in other ways. Surprisingly, she wasn’t willing to do EFT for her resistance to studying.

However, the nightmares got her attention. Although there were several parts to the dream which would take too long for this post, let me give you an example of one aspect. She said, “There were gangsters, and they put a single bullet through my head. Then they were gone.”

I said, let’s do some EFT. Start by getting relaxed and thanking your dream for communicating with you. Use your intention and ask your subconscious mind what the dream meant. Gently tap on the various EFT points without trying to do anything else. Be receptive. Just tap, relax and be aware. Pay attention to any thoughts or feelings that may come forth.

She tapped continuously for about four minutes, then her face lit up into a bright smile, indicating to me that she clearly had a “Eureka” experience or sudden breakthrough. Here’s what she pieced together regarding what the “single bullet to the head” meant to her.

“This is serious. Get this straight through your head. This is your one last shot at this.”

She definitely got the message and realized that she needed to study and be prepared for the test. This internal “getting it” had a profound effect on her.

Of course, she could have simply referred to a book like, The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung. To me, books on dream interpretations can be interesting, but they can also lead a person astray because what matters most is what the dream symbolizes internally to the individual. It’s better to use EFT to let your subconscious mind tell you what the dream means.

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Understanding our dreams offers us a rich resource for personal growth. I have three books on dreams in my library. Two of them are no longer in print. First, there’s Dreams and Nightmares by Jack Downing and Robert Marmorstein. It’s a book of Gestalt therapy sessions where people plunge into experiencing and being the dream. The Dream Makers by Richard Corriere and Dr. Joseph Hart offers a method of using your dreams to reach a whole new level of self awareness. The other book, Creative Dreaming by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., is still available, and it’s about using your dreams for making life changes. I highly recommend learning more about dreams and what a fascinating tool they can be for you.

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