Titaneus Giganteus

Aug 15, 07 Titaneus Giganteus

Are you afraid of bugs? Scientists have named over one million species of insects, and they think there may be ten times that many. There are approximately 5,000 dragonfly species, 2,000 praying mantis, 20,000 grasshopper, 170,000 butterfly and moth, 120,000 fly, 360,000 beetle, and 110,000 bee, wasp and ant species described to date. Luckily, you live today because if you lived millions of years ago in the late Paleozoic Era you’d have had a big problem.

Imagine four-foot long millipedes, four inch cockroaches and dragonflies with over two foot wingspans. Today, we still have the Titaneus giganteus which is the largest beetle in the world. It lives in the Amazon rainforest and reaches up to six inches long. A recent study called, What Keeps Bugs From Being Bigger, says that the reason we don’t have these giant crawlers like we did millions of years ago has to do with oxygen.

An insect’s tracheal system design may limit its size. There was about 14 percent more oxygen in the air during the Paleozoic era. Since insects back then needed less air to meet their oxygen requirements, they had smaller trachea than modern insects. Consequently, their body sizes were larger.

Hollywood has played off our fears with a bunch of big bug movies. They love making low budget films about creepy crawlies. The first one, Them, a story about gigantic ants, hit the screen in 1954.

Over the years, there have been B-movies about giant grasshoppers, mosquitoes, praying mantises, scorpions, wasps and more.

Fortunately, a surplus of oxygen isn’t causing growing concerns for us. But what do you do if you have a bugaboo about these critters? Let EFT come to your rescue. The page below offers several articles for using EFT with fears and phobias in general:

Using EFT for Freedom From Fears and Phobias

If you’d like to see an example of how to use EFT for a phobia, watch this video


I also highly recommend contacting an EFT Master Practitioner or Practitioner that specializes in “Fear and Phobias.”

Whatever you do, stay away from using pesticide foggers for insect control. In 2003, a woman in San Diego, California set off 19 of the bomb devices. Instead of debugging her house, she blew out one of the walls, scattering debris and insects like confetti everywhere.

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