Doggone Pain

Jan 02, 08 Doggone Pain

I’ve been doing EFT for years, and I’m still amazed at what it can do. I dropped off my dog at the pet groomer this morning. A couple of hours later, Kathy the groomer called and said my Schnauzer was ready to be picked up. I arrived at the salon, wrote out a check and ended up in a conversation with Kathy who was also the owner. Somehow we got to talking about the EFT book I published, Freedom at Your Fingertips. I explained that the simplest way to describe EFT is “fingertip acupuncture.” With EFT, you use your fingertips instead of needles to tap away whatever bothers you. At this point, Kathy was curious and fascinated to discover more about EFT. I asked her if she had a minute, and I’d give her a brief EFT lesson. Here’s what happened in three minutes.

As a preface, when I first started doing EFT about seven years ago, I was inhibited about telling people about it. It was really new then and often when I mentioned EFT to people they didn’t respond at all. It was like what I said was a cloud passing over their heads. They couldn’t get a handle on EFT. Or, they ignored it altogether thinking it was “silly.” Today, it’s a different story. More people know about alternative healing methods, and I have so much positive firsthand experience using EFT, I can even have complete strangers doing EFT within a minute or two. Such was the case with Kathy because I’d never met her before this morning.

Quickly, I asked her what issue she might like to try EFT on. She mentioned a couple of things and since I only had a few minutes, we decided to focus on the pain in her left knee. Whenever she sits down and gets up, her left knee hurts. When she sits and stands a lot, the pain is intense. On a SUDs (Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale), it’s a 10. Today, before we started doing EFT, she said the pain was about a four. I talked her through the EFT shortcut method and did one round of EFT with her. When she stood up, the pain in her left knee disappeared. Her SUDS level was at a zero. Also of this happened in less than 30 seconds. She had no more doggone pain.

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