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Jul 29, 05 Erase & Replace

I’m going to speak to a group of business people next week in California. The key theme of my speech is “erase and replace.” Erase limiting, self-defeating beliefs and replace them with empowering ones of your choosing. I just happened to look at one of Gary Craig’s Palace of Possibilities videos today and he also mentioned erase and replace. If you don’t have the “Possibilities” video series, I highly recommend that you get it. I’ve seen it multiple times and I always come away learning something new or being reminded of an idea of value. It’s important to erase and replace. EFT is a fine too to help you do it.

Just like getting rid of junk in our garage, basement or attic, sometimes we need to get rid of “belief junk” in our lives. Quite simply, beliefs become outdated and need to be changed. Would you keep the same television set forever? Imagine having an old black-and-white TV. You wouldn’t have any remote control power. You’d have to get up and manually change the channels and have limited programming from 6 am to 12 midnight. Wouldn’t you prefer a wide-screen, plasma television monitor with high definition pictures and surround sound?

Would you still like to be hand pumping water into the kitchen sink, using a washboard to wash clothes and going outside to the outhouse in the ice and snow of winter? Wouldn’t you much prefer the conveniences of a modern day kitchen, laundry room and indoor plumbing?

We picked up most of our beliefs at an early age from our parents, family, teachers and others of influence and authority. A lot of our beliefs are cultural, based on where and how we were raised. If we grew up in another culture in another part of the world, we’d have a different set of beliefs.

Many of our beliefs are positively valuable. Keep them. Hold on to the gems and get rid of the thorns. Updating beliefs is like updating software. It’s worth it, even if you have to work out some of the bugs.

First, you’ve got to find out what program(s) you’re running. Most limiting beliefs are operating as subconscious “backseat drivers.” What thoughts, self-talk and negative or sabotaging beliefs are running in your mind? EFT is a superb way to uncover and erase beliefs that you no longer want. And use Dr. Patricia Carrington’s Choices Method to replace and install a choice one. Her Choices Manual is an excellent investment in your well being.

Start by keeping it simple. If you could, what one belief would you like to change right now? Today’s the day. Use EFT to erase and replace.

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