Try “Balancing My Energy”

Dec 19, 05 Try “Balancing My Energy”

Want a quick way to relieve stress or get into a more relaxed, receptive state? Try tapping the different EFT points while saying the phrase, “balancing my energy.” Intuitively, I tried this one day while I was taking a walk and got surprisingly positive results. I immediately felt relaxed, lightly euphoric. I find that it works for me. Discover if it’s helpful to you. It’s quite simple.

Go through each of the EFT Shortcut points while repeating the phrase:

Balancing my energy

After you finish doing a round of points, stop and take a deep breath. How do you feel? This technique may work for you and it may not. What else might you say to get you into a more relaxed state? Is it more helpful for you to make a picture in your mind than say words?

You might also want to try tapping the EFT points while saying:

Balancing my feelings
Balancing my emotions
Balancing my heart
Balancing my love
Balancing my compassion
Balancing my thoughts
Balancing my life
Balancing my …

One of the things to do is ask yourself, “How might I use EFT to get into a more relaxed or joyful state?” Then just go about your business and be receptive to any answer you might receive.


  1. Nice one! (As we say over here) I’m always on the lookout for really simple ways in which to use EFT. It also keys in to the ‘daily habit’ post as something that can be done quickly and easily without having to think too much – mental flossing!

  2. Pauline /

    This is a great idea – to get back into balance or at the beginning of a session with a client …starting with our selves!

    Good one


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