Five Star EFT Tip

Oct 25, 09 Five Star EFT Tip

When you try to make something happen or force it to happen, you create a block, a resistance. Also, any outcomes are limited to your own expectations. Instead, tap into consciousness. When you are not attached to any outcome, you are open to an infinite number of possibilities. With EFT, just “play” with what shows up in the process. Go with it even if it may not make sense or even seem silly. Intuition isn’t logical. Who know what wonders might occur? If I may give you perhaps the most valuable tip when doing EFT, it’s this.

Often when people say EFT is not working, they tighten up and get fixated. The solution? Let go. In doing EFT, don’t worry about the mechanics of tapping, whether you’re doing it right, or might make a mistake. Rather, simply be in the moment. What do you feel, see, hear, or notice?

It’s about more being than doing. Calm your mind. Take the risk of being open. Go with what you’re aware of right now. Tune into your intuition. Trust any hunches or promptings you get. Be flexible. Change directions. Go with the flow. “Dance” with what shows up. Be gently inquisitive, childlike.

Put your ego aside. Remember, things happen through you, not by you.


  1. William Butler /

    I’ve been away from EFT for a few years and when I surfed for Garys amazing website with the huge archive, I couldn’t find it. What happened?

  2. William,

    Please read this post:

    It has the info you need.

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