Elbow Pain Returns

Mar 09, 10 Elbow Pain Returns

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I recently taught EFT to a group of people. One of the most skeptical people in the audience was quite surprised to find after doing some tapping, his joint pain completely disappeared. He was amazed and did EFT by himself at home where he also got relief five or six times and then it stopped working. What happened? Typically it’s...

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Doing Aikido with Your Critical Voice

Mar 04, 10 Doing Aikido with Your Critical Voice

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Sometimes it’s good to “fight” for things. At other times it’s far more effective to use leverage instead. For example, when our internal critic is yakking away, there’s often an internal fight. What if we gave up the fight and used the principle of Aikido to leverage our critical voice? Aikido is a martial art performed by...

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