Goaltending or Tending to Your Goals?

Jan 25, 05 Goaltending or Tending to Your Goals?

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Are you goaltending or tending to your goals? In sports, goaltending is the act of blocking or preventing a goal. Sometimes, unintentionally we end up goaltending in our careers and lives. Limiting, unconscious beliefs weight us down and sabotage reaching our goals. Often, we don’t obtain our goals because our beliefs aren’t...

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EFT is for Adults Only

Jan 21, 05 EFT is for Adults Only

Posted by in Family & Relationships

Just kidding. In fact, kids are more prone to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) because they are naturally inquisitive. Tapping? Sounds fun. Adults are often skeptical about even trying EFT. After all, how could something that seems so “silly” really work. To a lot of adults, if a solution doesn’t come in the...

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Serendipity Dipity Doc

Jan 18, 05 Serendipity Dipity Doc

Posted by in Science & Technology

Many breakthrough ideas and inventions weren’t planned. They were a result of what’s known as, the “Serendipity Effect.” It’s the ability to make fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accident. People often think that great inventions and discoveries are come about as a result of hard work, research...

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Why EFT is Like Sushi

Jan 15, 05 Why EFT is Like Sushi

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A few decades ago, when Americans first heard about sushi, a lot of them thought it was wierd. You want me to eat raw fish? Hey, introducing anything new to a society or culture takes time. People resist change. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is just like sushi, computers and DVDs. According to Everett Rogers’ Diffusion...

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