Sugar-Coated Patience Pill

Dec 20, 06 Sugar-Coated Patience Pill

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There’s a pill for all kinds of things. How about a pill for patience? There’s definitely a market out there for it. It could outsell Lipitor, Plavix, Nexium, Zocor and all of those planetary sounding names. We need to be patient until they come up with such a pill. Patience is something that most of us find...

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Rolling the Dice with Multiple Medications

Dec 13, 06 Rolling the Dice with Multiple Medications

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According to Dr. Andrew Duxbury, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, “There’s never been a controlled study on a human being involving more than three drugs circulating in the body at the same time. So no one knows, scientifically, exactly what’s going on in your body when you take seven, 10, or a dozen at...

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Have You Been Diagnosed with RGA?

Dec 12, 06 Have You Been Diagnosed with RGA?

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In our culture we are hooked on labels. In addition to simple political labels like liberal/conservative and left/right, we have many different addictions, afflictions, compulsions, conditions, dis-abilities, dis-eases, dis-orders, fixations, obsessions and syndromes. All of these are labels focused on things that are “wrong,...

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Shining the Spotlight on Maryam Webster

Nov 29, 06 Shining the Spotlight on Maryam Webster

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  As you listen to segments of the EFTzone Spotlight on Maryam Webster, you’ll find that she’s a bright, bold and brave leader in the field of energy psychology and wellness, willing to jump into unchartered waters. She expresses herself in a refreshingly honest and caring way. As a contributor and collaborator,...

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The Giving Tree

Nov 13, 06 The Giving Tree

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Gary Craig’s EFT Blog had an article titled, When Was The Last Time You Gave Away A Precious Stone? If you’ll continue reading this article, we’ve included the blog post here. It brings to mind, the classic children’s book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree, which is a well loved book and also a...

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