EFT: The Seinfeld Episode

Jun 22, 05 EFT: The Seinfeld Episode

Posted by in Family & Relationships

What if Jerry Seinfeld and his friends Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza and Elaine Benes had discovered EFT? Let’s imagine. Here’s a taste, an idea of a few things that might have happened. Take it away Jerry. [Opening nightclub sequence with Jerry doing a stand-up comedy routine.]...

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Blood Pressure Cooker

Jun 16, 05 Blood Pressure Cooker

Posted by in Health & Living

Recently, I was working with a business executive, teaching him how to use EFT for releasing his stress. His specific issue was that he was responsible for a major international engineering project. Since some of the work had to be done through individuals in other divisions, he was afraid he had no control over the outcome and was...

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Freeing Physical Pain with EFT

Jun 08, 05 Freeing Physical Pain with EFT

Posted by in Health & Living

Until yesterday, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted any articles about using EFT to relieve physical pain. The main reason is the focus of this blog is using EFT for everyday life. Also, I’m not a medical or health care professional. However, when I was speaking with one of my neighbors, it struck me that...

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Use EFT in Decisions

Jun 04, 05 Use EFT in Decisions

Posted by in Learning

One of the ways you can use EFT regularly is in making decisions. Whether you need to make a small or big decision, use EFT to get out of your head and into your body. Move aside the mind chatter and get into your feelings. Trust yourself to find the answers inside. Instead of making up your mind, make up your heart and mind by...

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