Do You Forget or Won’t Do It?

Jul 19, 07 Do You Forget or Won’t Do It?

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If you know how to do EFT, do you tap regularly? If not, why? Are you too busy? Do you forget? You might want to explore what’s underneath your not doing it. To find out some answers, listen to Carol Look and Rick Wilkes’ Tap Talk Radio #18, I Am Not Using My EFT. Some of the points they bring up are that you may be...

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Anger Management %@#&!

Jul 06, 07 Anger Management %@#&!

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Hey, people get angry. It’s a normal emotion. Sometimes anger can even be a helpful way to make a decision or get motivated to act on an important issue. The problem is that a lot of people haven’t learned ways to let go of their anger. They hold onto it until it builds into an unhealthy emotional state. As a result, we...

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