Is It Safe?

Jun 30, 08 Is It Safe?

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In doing EFT you might get nice changes going from a 10 to a two or one, but not get to a zero. When this happens, very often I ask the question, “What prevents you from getting to a zero,” or “Would you be willing to go to a zero if you knew it was safe to make that change?” If the answer is yes, it’s...

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Adding NLP to Your EFT

Jun 28, 08 Adding NLP to Your EFT

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Let’s say that you’re doing a round of EFT for an issue that bothers you. How are you experiencing this issue? What’s behind the emotion? Quite often, it may be a visual component — a mental picture. Or, it could be a smell or a sound. For example, you might internally “hear” someone yelling at...

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Stress Sucks

Jun 11, 08 Stress Sucks

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Stress overload sucks away your energy, your health and well-being. The common cultural belief about stress is that if you’re not stressed, you’re not working hard enough. Right? Stress equals success? Wrong. It’s better to be in the “flow.” This is the mental state defined by positive psychologist...

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FREE Online “Radiant Woman” EFT Comic Book

Jun 01, 08 FREE Online “Radiant Woman” EFT Comic Book

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For EFT to become accepted mainstream requires a two-pronged push/pull strategy. It needs research to be accepted by health care professionals (push). Plus, consumers (EFT users) need to pull from the grassroots level. Pharmaceutical companies know very well how to create “pull.” They’ve been doing it with...

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