The Tapping Solution

Mar 30, 08 The Tapping Solution

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Seven years ago when I first learned EFT, the best way was to get Gary Craig’s videos. I bought all of the video sets and watched hours and hours of his seminars. At the time, there were few books about EFT and really no videos I thought would be good to introduce EFT to the lay public. That changed last summer when Gary...

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Financial Storm

Mar 18, 08 Financial Storm

Posted by in Work & Money

There continues to be mounting economic uncertainty. We’re experiencing the sub prime mortgage crisis and the housing market downturn. There’s been talk about whether we’re in a recession or not. The U.S. stock market is volatile swinging up and down almost daily. The Federal Reserve is working to keep things in...

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German New Medicine

Mar 06, 08 German New Medicine

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Almost three years ago on March 12-14, 2005, I attended Gary Craig’s “Mastering EFT” 3-day workshop in Southern California. The workshop dealt with using EFT with people with serious issues or illnesses. This included Multiple System Atrophy, Neuropathy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy, Post Traumatic Stress...

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