Not “Buying Into” Accepting Yourself?

Feb 27, 06 Not “Buying Into” Accepting Yourself?

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Last week, I was doing EFT with a client. She balked when I got to the part of the setup phrase about “accept myself.” She emotionally flat out said that she didn’t accept herself for having the problem. At the moment, she didn’t like or accept herself for even getting into the situation. Although we did...

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Birds Do It and Bees Don’t

Feb 23, 06 Birds Do It and Bees Don’t

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Yawning is a natural response in humans and animals. One of the ways that I can tell if EFT is working is that after doing a few rounds of EFT the person immediately starts yawning or getting sleepy. This is an indication that their energy is shifting, tensions are being released and there are definite changes going on. A typical...

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EFT Computer Assisted Tapping

Feb 20, 06 EFT Computer Assisted Tapping

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Here’s an interesting article from Gary Craig’s newsletter. The idea is to tap while you read the newsletter articles and stories. David Wilson suggests using your computer to read the story to you while you tap. That way, you only need to concentrate on the tapping. I actually use “text-to-speech” quite...

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EFT: Help for a Spendthrift Nation

Feb 13, 06 EFT: Help for a Spendthrift Nation

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According to an article that the Federal Reserve put out in November, 2005 titled Spendthrift Nation, for the first time since the depression of 1929, Americans are spending more than they earn — 100% of their after tax income. Many households are in the “red” and have incurred heavy debt. Is this a...

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Make EFT a Daily Habit Like Brushing Your Teeth

Feb 06, 06 Make EFT a Daily Habit Like Brushing Your Teeth

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One of the people who has spearheaded using EFT for self-help and personal development is Carol Tuttle. She says that people need to get into the positive habit of doing EFT so it’s second nature just like brushing their teeth. We featured Carol in an EFTzone audio Spotlight. Here’s an article that Carol wrote that...

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