Won’t Accept Yourself?

Jan 23, 08 Won’t Accept Yourself?

Posted by in Learning

Some people have difficulty buying into the second part of the EFT setup affirmation — “… I deeply and completely accept myself.” How does this feel when you say it? What’s your SUDS level? Basically you’re acknowledging that even though you have this problem you accept that’s the way it is...

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Fascinating Friends with a Touch of EFT

Jan 20, 08 Fascinating Friends with a Touch of EFT

Posted by in Family & Relationships

I made a road trip to Southern California recently to visit my younger daughter and some of the friends I used to work with in broadcasting years ago. A close friend’s wife is named Lova. She’s an avid horsewoman. About ten months ago, her horse tripped and Lova broke her leg. When I arrived at Lova’s house, she...

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Lawyer’s Itch

Jan 10, 08 Lawyer’s Itch

Posted by in Health & Living

Before you run out and by some skin lotion, scalp conditioner or other drugstore item to relieve itching, you might want to see if there’s something emotional underneath it. What are you itching to do, or change? Are there feelings of frustration showing up as itching? Is somebody getting under your skin? Here’s a very...

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Doggone Pain

Jan 02, 08 Doggone Pain

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I’ve been doing EFT for years, and I’m still amazed at what it can do. I dropped off my dog at the pet groomer this morning. A couple of hours later, Kathy the groomer called and said my Schnauzer was ready to be picked up. I arrived at the salon, wrote out a check and ended up in a conversation with Kathy who was also...

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